A diamond shape is simply the outline of the diamond as it looks from top to bottom. The popular shapes of diamonds are round, emerald, oval diamond, pear shape diamond, heart-shaped, and so on. You may be already familiar with the shape of a diamond (like a square shape, rectangular shape, etc. ) but not aware of its technical name. 

But, why is the shape important? Imagine you bought the least expensive diamond cut with a large face-up area but it doesn’t add much to the overall appeal of the ring. On the contrary, a perfect shape can enhance the appeal of the diamond and magnify the radiance of your ring! 

So, what factors to consider while selecting a perfect diamond shape? Though there isn’t any hard and fast rule, you can consider the shape with a heart capturing spark, or the shape of your partner’s finger, or on a more practical note, your budget. 


In simple terms, diamond-cut exhibits the symmetrical design, proportions, polish, and design of the diamond. The ‘Cut’ of a diamond is a part of the 4'cs diamond (used for assessing the quality of a diamond) along with Carat, Clarity, and Colour. 

There are a variety of cuts of diamonds from which you can choose such as cushion-cut diamonds, emerald-cut diamonds, fancy-cut diamonds, pear cut, Trillion-cut diamonds,radiant-cut diamonds, marquise-cut diamonds, oval-cut diamonds, heart shape diamonds, etc.

But, why is the cut important? The cut determines the degree of sparkle and ultimately the overall brilliance of the diamond! 

The SGL Labs assigns a diamond cut grade by considering several factors on a scale of poor to excellent. Usually, very good and excellent are the desired diamond cut grades.  


A majority of people mistake diamond shapes with diamond cuts but not anymore! Let’s check some of the distinguishing factors among these two! 

As mentioned earlier, shapes are nothing but the outline of the diamond, and cuts are the symmetrical measurements. For instance: a heart-shaped diamond can be cut either deep, dull, or brilliant based on your requirement. These factors won’t change the shape of the diamond (i.e heart) but add to the overall spark and brilliance of the diamond! 

How do you decide the perfect shape and cut while selecting a ring? 

To find the ideal ring, it would be better to first select your desired shape.  Gradually, work your way up to the perfect cut that’ll offer the most appealing look for your selected shape. 




For a classic ageless diamond shape suitable for every occasion? None is better than round-shaped diamonds! Round-shaped diamonds exhibit a brilliant spark making them the most suitable choice for every occasion. Moreover, these diamonds are cut in such a way that it returns the light thus, maximizing the sparkle and overall appeal. 

Round-shaped diamonds are one of the most popular shapes among buyers, representing two-thirds of the total diamonds sold.   





Princess-shaped diamonds have a square outline with a shallow crown. Though it offers the same brilliance as round-shaped diamonds, the price per carat of princess diamonds is comparatively lower. 

While buying princess shaped diamonds, consider the following points. Apart from checking the colour, carat and clarity, you must also check whether the diamond has prongs attached on the corners. The prongs will hide the inclusions thus, making your diamond look comparatively flawless. 






If you’re looking for a good piece of diamond without spending a hefty amount, emerald-shaped diamonds are the best fit for you!

Cut in elongated and elegant rectangles, Emerald diamonds are the perfect choice for rings, pendants, and earrings! With the graceful shape and shallow crown, emerald diamond adds more colour and clarity to the jewellery! Furthermore, it offers abundant shine through its long and straight lines (a.k.a steps). 

While buying an Emerald shaped diamond, keep the following points in mind. Because of its enormous size, there are more chances of inclusions being visible. Thus, it is advisable to pay extra attention to the clarity of the diamonds. Most often VS1 and VS2 clarity is recommended for emerald shapes. 





If you’re looking for vintage-style rings then cushion shape is the best fit for you! Cushion-shaped diamonds are square or a rectangle with rounded corners. It offers a luxurious appeal to the ornaments along with a modern flair. With an abundance of cut options available at hand, Cushion diamonds offer creativity and personalization. 

While buying a cushion-shaped diamond, always look for depth to be under 70% and the table to be under the same range. This careful consideration will help you ensure brilliance and fire throughout the depth of the diamonds. 





Though square in shape, Asscher’s shaped diamonds are characterized by their pointed culets and square corners. Widely considered as similar to Emerald, however, comparatively, it offers more spark due to its high crown and 58 facets. 

If you’re willing to go for Asscher’s shaped diamond, keep the following points in mind. Colour forms an integral component in the overall appeal of the diamond and Asscher’s shaped diamonds offer maximum brilliance, clarity and lustre.  Thus, it is advisable to at least look for H colour while buying Asscher’s shaped diamonds.





An enchanting blend of Round and Marquise shape, Pear-shaped diamonds are an exotic fit for engagement rings. Also, these diamonds exhibit maximum sparkle and add to the overall brilliance! 

While purchasing a pear-shaped diamond, pay utmost attention to the severity of the bowtie. (A bowtie is a dark area running across the centre of a diamond) Almost, every elongated shaped diamond has a bowtie. Thus, it is advisable to pay extra attention to the bowtie to make sure it doesn’t tarnish the appeal of your diamond. 






If you’re looking for something more elegant than the classic round diamond, an oval-shaped diamond is a perfect choice! These versatile and oblong diamonds give rings an eye-snatching appeal while flattering the fingers. 

Just like Pear-shaped diamonds, Oval diamonds also consist of bowties. Thus it is advisable to look for it before buying or consulting an expert to help you make a better decision.





If you’re looking for a diamond best-suited for a hustling lifestyle, check out the radiant shape! Radiant is a proportionate combination of Emerald and Round Brilliant exhibiting maximum sparkle. The beauty of this shape is further enhanced by triangular and kite-shaped facets. 

While looking for radiant diamonds, pay attention to the cut quality to ensure maximum brilliance. Moreover, as the colour differences in radiant diamonds are comparatively harder to perceive, we recommend you consider H colour while buying a radiant diamond. 





If you’re looking for a larger stone (in appearance) at the same carat, check out the Marquise-shaped diamond! Marquise diamonds are elongated oval-shaped with refined curves enhancing the overall appeal of the fingers. 

While looking for marquise-shaped diamonds, always pay extra attention to the symmetry and designs. Thus, you must consult an expert while buying a marquise diamond. 

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